FullOn is an utility designed to launch full screen applications/games on specific display device without changing the primary monitor setting.

Current version: (released 01/03/2016)

Download (5.26 MB) | ChangeLog | EULA

- launch full screen game on specific display device
- prevent application folding when switching to foreign applications with mouse click or Alt-Tab

Compatible with applications:
- Counter Strike 1.6
- Heroes of Might&Magic 3
- StarCraft 1.0

System requirements: Windows XP and higher

NOTE: Please unpack installer contents to a path without spaces, e.g. "C:\Programs\FullOn"

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TaskLayout is a productivity app for Windows designed to set up your desktop for work in seconds.

This tool allow saving and restoring of the desktop layout (a set of specified commands/applications/windows with corresponding position on screen) with an assigned hotkey.

How it works:
1. Setup your working configuration on the desktop: launch applications, open folders, arrange windows into suitable locations on the desktop.
2. Save layout with TaskLayout, assign hotkey for open/close.
3. Use these hotkeys to instantly restore/discard your desktop in seconds.
Current version: (released 11/30/2019)

Download (3.66 MB) | ChangeLog | EULA | Documentation


Lifetime Free Upgrades: purchase now and get the future updates free of charge.

- save layout: automatically retrieve and preserve startup commands assigned to selected windows
- restore layout: run commands (if required) and arrange windows on the desktop
- window adjustment with restoring of the state (normal/minimized/maximized) and Z-order
- apply layout by double click on the TLF file
- assign hotkey to restore and/or close layout
- assign specific display device for window
- assign specific virtual desktop for window (Windows 10)
- restore view settings for Shell windows (view mode, folder flags, icon size, sort columns, visible panes)
- multiple positions support: setup multiple positions for window and use the same hotkey to change it's position on the desktop
- multiple windows support: restore position for multiple windows from the same application when restoring layout (e.g. main window and tool windows)
- custom commands support (e.g. "mailto:1@1.com", delete a file, sleep windows, etc)
- RegEx support for window/class names
- import BAT files/Windows shortcuts for fast migration
- launch portable applications from the same drive where TaskLayout is located (use macro %TL_DRIVE%)
- explore windows from the desktop with Finder tool (retrieve command line and other properties)
- serial application run for slow computers when restoring layout
- pause mode: temporary disable hotkeys and hide tray icon (if required) with <Win+Alt+P>
- autorun on system startup
- installation is not required
- multi-monitor support
- x64 support

System requirements: Windows XP and higher

Live demo:

TaskSpace is a liteware portable Windows utility which allow merging of multiple applications together in a single window or merging them as tabs.

Current version: (released 07/05/2017)


Download (2.52 MB) | ChangeLog | EULA


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