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FullOn is an utility designed to launch full screen applications/games on specific display device without changing the primary monitor setting.

Current version: (released 01/03/2016)

Download (5.26Mb) | ChangeLog | Purchase (single user license) ($99.95, lifetime free upgrade) | EULA

System requirements: Windows XP and higher


- launch full screen game on specific display device

- prevent application folding when switching to foreign applications with mouse click or Alt-Tab

NOTE: Please unpack installer content to a path without spaces, e.g. "C:\Programs\FullOn"

Compatible with applications:

- Counter Strike 1.6

- Heroes of Might&Magic 3 

- StarCraft 1.0

  • fullon_configured
  • fullon_not_configured
  • fullon_not_running
  • fullon_tray_icon




TaskLayout is a portable Windows utility which allow saving/restoring of the desktop layout (a set of specified apps/windows with corresponding position on screen) in a single click/hotkey.

Current version: (released 10/17/2018)

Purchase Home License ($39.95)

Purchase Business License ($59.95)

TRY APP IN YOUR BROWSER (external site)

Download (3.25 MB) | ChangeLog | EULA | Review | Video


  Approved by  


System requirements: Windows XP and higher


- save/restore desktop layout (list of running applications, corresponding window positions, etc)

- assign hotkeys to restore/close layout

- automatic window repositioning with restoring the state: normal/minimized/maximized

- multi-monitor support

- x64 support 

- specify any custom commands as a part of layout (e.g. "mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.", delete a file, sleep windows, etc)

- import BAT files/Windows shortcuts for fast migration

- launch portable applications from the same drive where TaskLayout is located (use macro %TL_DRIVE%)

- explore visible windows with Finder tool (retrieve command line and other properties)

- serial application run for slow computers when restoring layout

- check updates from website

- installation is not required

  • tasklayout-editor-screenshot0
  • tasklayout-editor-screenshot1
  • tasklayout-editor-screenshot2
  • tasklayout-editor-screenshot3
  • tasklayout-editor-screenshot4
  • tasklayout-editor-screenshot5
  • tasklayout-library-screenshot0
  • tasklayout-settings-screenshot0
  • tasklayout-settings-screenshot1
  • tasklayout-settings-screenshot2
  • tasklayout-settings-screenshot3
  • tasklayout-settings-screenshot4
  • tasklayout-traymenu-screenshot0


Sample TLF files:

Open 2 separate Chrome windows (chrome_x2.TLF)

Search clipboard text with Google (google_clipboard_text.TLF)

Translate clipboard text with Google.translate (translate_clipboard_text.TLF)



TaskSpace is a liteware portable Windows utility which allow merging of multiple applications together in a single window or merging them as tabs.

Current version: (released 07/05/2017)


Purchase Business License ($59.95)

Download (2.52 MB) | ChangeLog | EULA | ReviewVideo

Approved by


System requirements: Windows XP and higher

  • taskspace-main-screenshot0
  • taskspace-main-screenshot1
  • taskspace-settings-screenshot0
  • taskspace-settings-screenshot1
  • taskspace-traymenu-screenshot0



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